After Having Her Butt Super-Glued To The Toilet, She Decided That Hot Sauce Was The Best Revenge…

Nikki Dhal was over having her “booty super-glued to a toilet seat.” As is tradition in the Dahl house, it was her turn to get revenge on her husband John for his prank.

Pulling out a bottle of “Gringo Bandito” — a hot sauce containing both scorpion and ghost chili peppers — as well as John’s body wash, Nikki explained her diabolical plan to combine the two. Giving the mixture a good shake, Nikki placed the body wash bottle in the shower, where John was destined to use it. The couple films their pranks and shares them on their YouTube channel, Pranksters in Love. The couple has been pranking each other since they met in high school, according to Wired. With a camera facing the shower, the couple’s fans could see the effects of her plan. An unsuspecting John reached for his body wash in the shower. Needless to say, all went according to plan.

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