Adorable Little Girl Wishes For Marine Dad To Come Home, But Has No Idea He’s Standing Feet Away

For children, going to Disneyland is a wish come true. But despite the magical visit, 4-year-old Alyssa just wanted her daddy to be there with her.

Lieutenant Scott Brown, a Marine in Afghanistan, was about to make his daughter’s wish come true. “Turn your sound up,” says mom Jennifer about the video below, “It’s pretty touching what Alyssa told Snow White.”

You can watch it unfold in the video below. Warning: Grab your tissues!

Alyssa and her baby brother Liam had no idea that their father had just returned home. Thanks to the help of their friend Anna and her colleagues, they were able to pull off the surprise and even passed along the story to Hotel Management.

At first, Jennifer thought she would take her daughter to the wishing well to throw her coins in, make a wish, and Scott would appear. It was Anna and the Disney ladies who were able to let Snow White in on the secret.

Snow White even stayed outside longer than planned just to help with the magical surprise. She walked little Alyssa over to the well, they covered their eyes, and she made a wish.

“I wish with all my heart my daddy would come home,” Alyssa said. After she put her hands down, she spotted him.

Scott drops down on one knee, dressed in uniform, as he waits for his little girl. Alyssa runs over to her father and embraces him in a long-overdue hug.

“Since the reunion earlier today, Alyssa has been sticking right to Scott’s side & every few minutes kept saying, ‘I missed you Daddy,’” Jennifer wrote on YouTube. “Later that night, Scott tucked Alyssa into bed, she put both hands on the side of his face and said, ‘Daddy, my wish came true.’”

The family was made to feel like “royalty” according to Jennifer, thanks to the amazing staff at Disneyland. What an incredible surprise!

“Thank you again to these amazing people who made us feel so welcome & made this reunion one to remember!!! You went over & above — thank you.”

Surely this was a day little Alyssa will never forget either. Wishes do come true!

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