A Simple Math Problem, Has Facebook Users, Quite Confused!

Sometimes, the simple things almost seem too easy, so we have a tendency to complicate them, for some reason.

When you look at the fruit, math problem in the video, you immediately wonder how anyone, anywhere, could possibly get confused and get the answer incorrect. In fact, when you watch it, you wonder how some folks even arrived at some of their guesses.

Yet, over 2 million people on Facebook don’t seem to agree! I’m going to give you a hint, so that you cannot fail, as I did, the first time. It’s obvious . . . so here it goes: look very, very closely at the fruit. That’s it! There’s no reason to get it wrong. I wish someone had pointed that out to me. I consider myself to be very visual, but for some reason, I simply glanced over it. Okay . . . I’ll stop giving you clues!

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