90-Year-Old Looks Like She Needs Help Down The Stairs, Then She Said To Turn On A Classic

Just because she is 90 years old doesn’t mean she needs help walking down the stairs, she prefers to go her own unique way. Her stage of life comes with all too many preconceived notions that people who are her age are just old and fragile. While it’s true that people in their 90’s need help sometimes, this particular lady shows that no matter how old she is, she’s got everything covered. Not only does she go down several steps alone, and down to the car unassisted, she does so much more than that. She shows the world that she is still young, loves life, and most of all loves to dance.

The radio blasted as she came out the front door to be picked up by her driver, and the sound of music instantly put her in a groove. She had all the time in the world to enjoy the song through dance. Sure, she might have been on her way to go somewhere, there might have been someone waiting, but taking the time to enjoy life in this way was irreplaceable.

Several moments went by being caught up in the music that she almost forget something – dancing is so much easier without hauling around your purse. So, she set down her purse to dance freely. Loosened up more than ever, she was able to step and slide as much as her heart desired. Seeing this 90-year-old literally dance her way down the stairs was a joyous sight to behold for her kind driver in the car and everyone else who watches her special recording. Without a single word, she tells an important lesson of life: Do what you love. Her actions in the video below tells so much more.

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