70 Yr Old Pole Dancer Displays Her Jaw-Dropping Talent In A Live Audition

The video below features a jaw-dropping performance from Asia’s Got Talent. The star of this video is a 70 year old woman called Dai Dali. This grandmother from Chengdu, China has managed to take the world by storm with her courage and her flexibility. Believe it or not, Dai is a pole dancer!

Dali thinks that pole dancing is not limited to just young people, and she also believes that age is not a problem. After years of practice, she came on the stage of Asia’s Got Talent and surprised everyone in the audience with her moves. The judges could only stare in amusement. She managed to reach the semifinals in the competition. Dali’s awesomeness doesn’t end there. She has participated in several other talent shows and has won two gold medals at the Ninth China Pole Dance Championship as well.

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