4 People With Walkers Stand Up Next To Each Other. Prepared To Be Blown Away By What Man Does

John Woloski suffered a debilitating stroke at age 55. He was living the dream as a school principal and Lions Club President in the Wilkes Barre, PA area when his life was turned upside down. No one knows how one would deal with such a situation if it happened to them. John decided he was going to turn lemons into lemonade and do the best he could. What the situation has turned into is a terrific tale of stroke survival.

His stint at the Allied Services Heinz Rehab Hospital in Wilkes Barre has been just what the doctor ordered. Their motto is “Miracles in Rehab, Performed Daily.” Information gained from their website states that Heinz Rehab is one of the nation’s leading rehab programs. “Compared regionally and nationally, (their) patients usually go home quicker” according to the Uniform Data System. This video involving Mr. Woloski is an example of how this occurs. Music therapy has long been known to help victims with certain conditions improve. Alzheimer victims, for example have benefited via music. In John’s case, with him being a former Music Teacher it seems like an appropriate plan.

If Meghan Trainor were to see this video, she would have to be pleased with its therapeutic use. The 2014, platinum song, “All About That Bass” serves as the song of choice for this “skit.”

Mr. Moroski with an aide by his side is lead dancer. The cooperative staff joined the cast and the entertainment began. The most obvious part of the performance is the presence of smiles throughout the room. You can’t say enough about the doctors, nurses, rehab specialists and aides that work with those in need of these type of services.

John had a special inspiration on his trek for recovery. When he was a music teacher, he had a special student named Lizzie, age 14, who was afflicted with cerebral palsy. Every class, when she came into the room she hugged her teacher from her wheelchair. “My problems are minute when compared to Lizzie’s,” said Mr. Woloski recently. With an attitude like this, and the fine support he receives let’s hope this inspirational story continues to yield great results.

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