24 Marines Show Exactly Why You Should Never Mess With The USA. You Are Gonna Love This

Seeing a silent drill team execute their sequence with extraordinary precision is something that you just have to try to see in your lifetime. The silence is awe-inspiring as the Marine Corps’ best show off their incredible strength of will, leaving the enraptured audience to watch their every move with bated breath.

The highly disciplined platoon exemplifies all the best qualities of the American soldier: their professionalism, confidence, bravery, and, like the man in this inspiring video, their willingness to fulfill their duty. It’s no wonder that the legendary platoon simply known as “8th and I” is so highly regarded within all circles, military and civilian alike.

The 24-man rifle platoon first performed in 1948, and due to the overwhelming love and response, this elite honor guard quickly became a regular part of the parades in our nation’s capital.

Throwing around the legendary 10 1/2-pound M1 Garand rifles with fixed bayonets, this amazing military inspection is both powerful and beautiful at the same time. Handpicked after a rigorous training process, this incredible group of men truly shows off what makes America the greatest country in the world.

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