20 Bikers Show Up & Do This At Boy’s School When Mom’s Car Is Totally Destroyed By Bullies

However, it seems like that isn’t the case, and many children have picked up terrible habits from adults around them: They start picking on others because of the color of their skin, for example.

When these rude and hurtful comments are followed by acts of vandalism, certain sympathetic community members feel obliged to stand up for what is right. A neighbor did this for a little boy who was bullied at school because he is biracial.

Total strangers even destroyed his mom’s car, carving obscenities on the vehicle and throwing food at it. Needless to say, it seemed like little 7-year-old Eze was starting to feel bad about himself.

But the family’s neighbor, part of a motorcycle club, arranged for 20 bikers to rally together to show the show the boy a good time, and to remind him that he has their full support.

They even waited outside the school doors for him, undoubtedly showing all his bullies who’s really the boss.

The bikers treated Eze to a ride-along and a little lesson in motorcycles. The kind gesture will surely stick in the young boy’s head, and will hopefully give him the confidence to hold his head high once again.

Warning: The video below contains a situation where a family is subjected to offensive words and racial slurs.

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